How to Achieve Wealth for Life: Through Property Investing!


This book is a must for business owners and investors!

Whether you want to retire early or you’re just trying to accumulate as much wealth as possible before retirement, ‘How to Achieve Wealth for Life’ is the book which will show you how to do it – using little or none of your own money.

In this book, money expert Ed Chan shows you how to invest in property, and how to create a lifelong self-sustaining wealth creation strategy which will change the way you look at property and finance forever.

To illustrate his simple techniques for achieving sustainable wealth, he provides real stories which will inspire you into action.

Here’s a taste of what’s inside:

  • Common myths about investing
  • Why you should never pay off a home loan
  • Why the size of your assets matters
  • Why rental returns are not important
  • How to survive rising interest rates
  • A real answer to the nonsense argument of property verses shares
  • How to use equity to fund your lifestyle
  • Why it’s never too late to start


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